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Individual Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Our high quality synthetic eyelash extensions are light weight and maintain their curl better than regular synthetics. We only use premium extensions which you will definitely notice as they create the illusion of an instant eye lift.

There are different styles and fullness you can choice from which will be covered in your free consultation.

We also offer Mobile service for your convenience with in the GTA area. $50.00 (book with a friend and share the savings).

Full Sets:

Naturally Fabulous (approx. 55 *LPE)$130 Dramatically Glamorous (approx. 75 *LPE)$180 Diva Extreme (approx. 100 *LPE)$280

*LPE lashes per eye

Partial set:

Natural (approx. 35 *LPE)$85


Regular maintenance is requires to keep your preferred Lash Look beautiful and fresh.

Soft touch-ups (within 2 weeks approx. 20 *LPE)$60 A little more...touch-up (within 3 weeks approx. 30 *LPE)$80 Standard touch - up (within 4 weeks approx. 40 *LPE)$100


Lashes done by us $30 Lashes done by others$50/hr

100% Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink fur eyelash extensions are softer and more flexible than the synthetic lashes and comes closest to matching your own natural lashes, subtly enhancing to give an extremely natural looks.

For best results, we apply 100 lashes per eye for a full set of Minks.$380

Mink Touch-ups

Within 2 weeks$95 Within 3 weeks$140 Within 4 weeks$180


Parties of 3-4 can enjoy a 10% discount

Parities of 5 or more can enjoy a 15% discount

We recommend brides to set a trail appointment at least 4 weeks before the wedding so that they get use to the lashes and make sure the style they choose will be the exact look they are going for. This way it gives them time to change it up, if they want something a littler more.